Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dude, You’re Welcome!

Here is a message from Stampin' Up! about a new kit for men.

Dude, You’re Welcome!

A few months ago, I was invited to be part of a “Top Secret” project at Stampin’ Up! Our mission: To create a product specifically designed for men.
Initially, those on the project (mostly all dudes) were skeptical. I mean, what man would be caught dead with a stamp in his hand? One guy on our team even said that “stamping a card would be like getting caught wearing lady’s underwear.” We definitely had our work cut out for us!

However, after brainstorming all things manly (and making lots of jokes and laughing a lot), we realized that deep down (deep, deep, down) we are all pretty good guys who want to do meaningful things for the women in our lives—we just have no idea how to do it while still feeling “manly.”
That’s where “Dude, You’re Welcome” comes into play. This kit gives a guy the tools he needs to build something that is meaningful for his wife, mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend, coworker, friend. . . . whoever. Easy to understand, simple to use, not too “pretty,” but she’s going to love it!

I’ve worked at Stampin’ Up! off and on for nearly 17 years and have never been a part of a more entertaining, fun, and rewarding project. As a creative guy, I have always wished we offered more products that appealed to men (guys like to build things with our hands too!), and this definitely fits the bill.
Here is your chance to be the man she deserves to have in her life.
Dude, you’re welcome!

I wanted to share my very first “manmade” card. I made this for the number-one lady in my life.
To order your own "man kit" click here.

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